Bali Island

Bali Island

With 1185 islands to choose from, Croatia’s Adriatic coast truly offers an embarrassment of riches. Chiropterans are well represented, perhaps the most famous place to encounter them remains the Goa Lawah (Temple of the Bats) where they are worshipped by the locals and also constitute a tourist attraction, and other cave temples like Gangga Beach ones.

A new study of the movements of sub-Antarctic albatrosses tracked from two remote islands some 5,000 km apart, shows that although the birds from each breeding site take similar routes around the Southern Ocean, they forage in different areas for the majority of the time.

Join &Beyond’s legendary Group Conservation Manager, Les Carlisle, as he talks about the company’s involvement in the formation of the Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area off Zanzibar, as well the conservation and study of rare green turtles, coconut crabs and the rare Ader’s duiker at &Beyond Mnemba Island.island

The champions and lodge managers look for new take less ideas and, ways to reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions, recycling initiatives, conservation awareness drives, water efficiency, elimination of exotic plants, addressing erosion, re-greening and many more.island

Athina visited the island twice after her mother died, once when she was eight and then on November 18-19, 1998 with her father Thierry Roussel and their media adviser and spokesman Alexis Mantheakis in order to hold a memorial service on the tenth anniversary of the death of Athina’s mother, Christina Onassis.island

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