Big Mountain Campground

Big Mountain Campground

Only a few other souls were braving the Tam MacArthur Rim today, and none of them were staying overnight. Sorry to disappoint the bike industry, but the rim brake bike is alive and well and thriving at Black Mountain Cycles. The major difference in mountain climbing and rock climbing is that the mountain climber is seeking the easy way to ascend to the top of the mountain while the rock climber is looking for the hardest way.mountain

Even though the truck seems to be taking you up the mountain in a high gear with no problem, it may begin to overheat. The information provided by the Mountain Conditions Report alone is no guarantee that safety will be increased. Looking longer term burns like the Gladiator Fire cause woody browse species like Mountain Mahogany and Cliff Rose to regenerate in healthy form that is highly palatable to species like Mule Deer and other herbivores.mountain

This bike is sturdy enough for long rides and has great flexibility that allows you to swerve through stuck cars during a traffic jam. I can’t write or talk about natural beauty, or natural anything, unless I’m trying to do as little damage to it as possible; and at this time in history, that means taking myself away from the heart of the beast.

My most recent works set out to confront and explore the way in which we view our past as a species, and our relationship with time itself. I encourage you to look into the IFMGA standard by going to the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) web site and educate yourself about the importance of guide standardization and how this might affect you as a consumer.mountain

This is emotionally taxing, and combined with the thin mountain air, my head is already starting to hemorrhage ideas. So in those I found myself trying to navigate the most level way forward, trying not to step on loose rocks, and trying to keep my balance so as not to fall sideways off the mountain and tumble down into town.

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