Birding observations from the ongoing USF&WS Cape Romain NWR Bulls Island waterfowl/shorebird survey, from Christmas and Spring Bird Counts, and from other surveys and outings. And so we set off, beneath a glowering sky and through standing water dotted with lugworm casts. This is a pretty island near the northern coast with scenic Rab Town as its center. Texel is the biggest Dutch Wadden Island, and is also the island with the most possibilities.island

In the geologic past, these islands were joined into one large island, called Santarosae. And the dune vegetation working to stabilize the dunes on the North Beach has finally recovered from hurricane Matthew (October 2016) that had flattened many of the newest and lowest dunes.

In many ways the islands fulfil every expectation of what an island should be. The key basics of rock and sand, turquoise water and blazing sunsets are all present and correct. Tropical islands attract massive amounts of tourism thanks to the above factors, and for many of them tourism represents their very lifeblood.

The Tradewind Taskforce embarked onto the invasion convoy at several bases in north-west New Guinea and subsequently conducted landing rehearsals at Aitape and Wakde Island in early September. Climatically, this region of Fiji has consistently the best weather in all of the Fiji Islands.islandisland

Until the beginning of the 20th century Bali used to be home to some large animals like wild the wild ox (Bos javanicus), Leopard (Felis pardus) and even the Bali tiger (Felis tigris balica), now extinct in the island. All the police could advise the public is to be vigilant — be mindful of your belongings, especially when swimming at the beach — to avoid falling victims to thieves.

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