Set up an account today and start receiving exclusive deals and discounts reserved only for you! For specific places such as Disneyland Resorts, the package will include the cost of the theme park and show tickets and all other locations come with standard options such as a choice of hotels and a list of possible activities to partake in while on vacation.

Other than the fact that one can lounge for hours on end at the beach, tourists also have the exciting option of participating in water sports at Latchi Beach or Hotel Athena Beach and on the other hand one can also go to Lara Bay to have a look at some of the rarest varieties of wildlife.

Accounting and finance professionals rank lower than all the other sectors in the area of work-life balance , according to our report , IT’S TIME WE ALL WORK HAPPY.® Whether you’re a manager or part of a team, you can lead by example in the way you take your next vacation — away from work.

Holiday Weekends: During most times of the year, you can get away with last minute vacation planning, but major holidays like New Year’s, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Christmas often mean sold out airline seats and hotel rooms, so it’s a good idea to do your research and reservations ahead of time.vacationvacationvacation

There was a time when exercise was one of those things, like the office, you took a vacation from—you slept in, stayed up late, ate the food you wanted, drank sugary drinks with umbrellas, even though you knew they’d give you a headache in the a.m. The most exercise you might get was carrying four chairs and a Styrofoam cooler across the beach.

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