Review Travel Sites

Review Travel Sites

I’d like to use Paypal to book my hotel in Mumbai….if anyone can give me a list of travel websites for India that take Paypal, I’d appreciate it. My first choice of hotel is JW Marriott, but I’m open to other options. In the accommodations category, we’re loving —a hotel review site, begun in 2008, that strives to tell the true story about what’s hot and what’s not, particularly through its great Photo Fakeouts,” which pit marketing against reality—and , a marketplace for travelers to list and book unique worldwide private properties, from city apartments to country villas.

Rather than providing detailed search tools, these sites generally focus on offering advertised specials, such as last-minute sales from travel suppliers eager to deplete unused inventory; therefore, these sites often work best for consumers who are flexible about destinations and other key itinerary components.

Although some online food sites (such as ) focus solely on restaurant reservations, goes one step further by providing original content from food critics, recommendations based on your mood, menus and recipes from restaurants in 25 cities—and a booking engine for real-time sitestravel sites

With gasoline prices going through the roof, so are the airline prices but it’s not solely because of the price of jet fuel, on your flight you can actually be sitting next to someone that booked a flight the same day you booked and they paid much less than you paid.

To sum up, these sites allow you to compare prices, choose your most preferred airline, get the best deal on package deals, arrange your accommodation as well as car hire, travel insurance, and moreover offer you online mode of payment for your domestic airfare bookings, in all reducing your stress of visiting a travel sites

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