Spiritual Travel Destinations

Spiritual Travel Destinations

Alternative places for spiritual travel

Five Spiritual Places To Travel To

  • Egypt – You only have to mention Egypt and the mind’s eye is immediately drawn to images of pyramids, the Sphinx, the Nile and so many wondrous tombs, temples and hieroglyphics. The mysteries of Egypt have fascinated mankind for thousands of years and it is one of the most worthwhile destinations for any spiritual seeker.

  • Tibet, Mount Kailash – Tibet continues to fascinate the spiritual traveller and Mount Kailash is an intriguing and monumental place to visit. Thought to be the mythical Axis Mundi or Centre of the Universe, the Hindus believe it to be the home of Shiva “Destroyer of Evil” and “The Transformer”, the Supreme Being.

  • England, Glastonbury Tor – Glastonbury is considered to be one of the most spiritual places in England, not least because of its confluence of Ley Lines and the Tor itself is thought to be the entrance to the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, king of the fairy folk.

  • USA, Crater Lake – Found in Oregon, this vast beautiful lake is held in great reverence by Native Americans. There are many myths from this region and it is believed that at one time the animals and people all spoke the same language.

  • India, Bodhi Tree – This ancient tree is believed to be descended from the tree under which Siddharta sat and finally became Buddha. Known as the “Tree of Awakening” it has a huge span and is revered by Buddhists.


Crystal Mines

Anyone with an affinity with crystals must have wondered where they come from. Dug from deep beneath the Earth’s surface, these beautiful stones reveal their powers to us in the bright light of day. For hundreds of thousands or even millions of years they have been buried deep below us, shrouded in darkness. There are many crystal mines around the world and they make a fun day out with the bonus of finding your very own crystals.

  • Quartz – Quartz crystals can be found in many places, Arkansas is rich with mines and Mount Ida in Arizona is teeming with Quartz deposits.

  • Selenite – Selenite is a variety of the mineral Gypsum and is found in salt and lake beds, the Great Salt Lake Beds in Oklahoma have a rich deposit of these cleansing stones.

  • Amethyst – Amethyst is found across the world and there are rich deposits across America, Brazil, Africa and even Austria. Thunder Bay in Ontario has many mines that the public can visit and is popular with crystal seekers.


Properties of Crystals

Crystals are full of potential energies that we can use in our lives for many beneficial purposes including holistic healing. There are so many crystals to choose from and it can all get a bit bewildering! Here are a few of the more well know crystals and their uses.

  • Citrine – Manifestation. Make your dreams become reality.

  • Quartz – Amplifies. Amplifies you intentions.

  • Aventurine – Support. Comforts and can reduce anxiety.


Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for thousands of years by distant civilisations to aid in spiritual matters and help attune the mind and body to a positive and healthy outlook.


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